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different worlds 

THe first INdian Movie i saw

Still no access to a Japanese-scriptable PC. DAMN.
I went to Sudder St. last Sunday, where most of the Japanese tourists stay for their trip, but every single Net-cafe was closed....WORK PEOPLE!! WORK!!! lol
Well on the way back home I saw my first Indian Movie "U ME AUR HUM" .
It was quite good, yes they sing and dace suddenly but even that was good .....I like the recent Indian Actors...they're sexy, both men and women....and although i didnt understand a single Hindi, i was able to detect the story line from their actings....
This rich indian doctor falls in love with this beautiful waiter on a cruiseship. Their first meeting is disastorous, but he tries everyway to get her and finally they marry each other - but later on they discover that the girl has altzheimer and she gradually loses every memory. Although that storyline is such a cliche, the way the film was taken was very sweet. it almost made me cry. Again, I DONT KNOW ANY HINDI but i still felt a tender thing...you should check it up) . But just one thing....their luxurious life-style looked so unreal to my eyes, which were on the crowds of Kolkata an hour ago.

And i met this Italian guy on the street and had lunch together...he said he's travelling around the globe and is trying to find the right wife...well good luck for that lol
And afterwards i went to the Indian Museum. Another great colonial architecture, all white and neat.

A week has passed in India, and to tell you the truth, i havent really accomplished anything atoffice. I spent my entire week looking around the place that this NGO has implimented its projects.
Things go very slow.
And the fact that this organisation is a very small (almost individually operated, which is very common in India) NGO, makes it even frustrating becuase there is no such thing as HOU-REN-SOU as we say in Japanese....
Frustrating, but yes, i came to discover this frustration, didnt i. In fact, its amazing how these little NGOs can bring change to the community. It might be tempolary and it might be small, those problems i would have to think about later on at work, but you know, making changes are the most difficult thing, and still i see people working for it....
Frustrated but encouraged at the same time. I feel dizzy lol

I went to AIESEC KOLKATA's local conference the other day.
The AIESECers came to my trainee house a day before the meeting, telling me that i have to prepare a 5minutes speech in English that will give some idea of my internship.
Um....I havent given an English speech for god knows how long.....even in Japanese, its hard for me...and ive just started seeing my workplace....
However, when i arrived at the hall with my short written speech-memo in my hand, the president of KOLKATA AIESEC warmly greeted me in, and yes, he looked very nervous too...that made me ease up a little. Its a big conference for the AIESECers too - i wasnt the only person to be nervous.

All the AIESECers were wearing neat suits and ties. They all spoke fluid English. They are from the best universities of Kolkata, and as i suspected, all of them were business majors, aiming for MBA.
They are from the wealthy class. And they will be the wealthy class of the next generation. That is obvious. They are the ones that can give good education for their kids, not worrying about the expences on school uniforms and textbooks. And when you think of it, i, and you too, are one of them. I should not forget that. people like us, with education, will work hard for our earnings, and we cannot be blamed for earning a lot. That is our right.
But at the same time, we didnt get to choose which family to be born in. The kids on the street didnt.
Social ineqality - you see it everywhere in Kolkata. People here are very used to the situation, but to me, a foreigner, it is quite shocking to see both sides closely. On one side there are the AIESECers - on the other side there are the slum people from the place i work. Both of them dont have any hard feelings on each other, it seems. They just live in their own sphere.
And me?
During my stay here, i hope to put my point of views to the latter group. But the way I think my daily things had been on the former group for my entire life, i guess. The gap is causing me some trouble these days. Ugh. FRUSTRATING!

For example,
being in the conference with the business-eager AIESECers....it felt like a completely different world from the one outside the hall. A world very close to Japan, almost the same as Japan....
and to my dismay, I felt very comfortable sitting there. It was a clear shock to me, who thought about the possibility of working in a grassroot NGO. Im trying to be honest in this blog, so im not going to lie. Living here for one week, i am feeling that it would be hard for me to become the kind of person that embbeds his or herself in the grassroot community, in a foreign country. Im okay with the pollution, im okay with the language, i feel so much affection to the kids here, i really think that i want to make this situation better...but still, something seems to be different. Is this the kind of work i really want to put myself in for my life? Thats the question. Will i be happy for myself? It sounds so selfish, but to be honest, i think that you have to be satisfied with your thoughts in order to commit yourself to anything.
Of course this is only my first week in Kolkata, and maybe im a little bit overreacting to the foreign-ness of this country (in other words Homesick, lol) so i dont know about the future,
but right now im in the middle of a mild dissappointment towards myself. haha, im okay so dont worry please. I came here for this.
RIght now, my life in Japan is earned by my father, so i really think that i should start working after going back to Japan. Talking with the AIESECers here and working in this NGO makes me think so. But hey, theres still time for me to think, to discover, and that is what i came here for, too.

Oh yes, and my speech! I managed to do it without causing any problem...haha.
there was this Professor from a famous business school giving a speech before me, and his speech was very inspiring....he was basically telling the students to shape themselves to the global standard. To look outside and use their knowledge around the globe. To give away any kind of prejudice towards anyone, and to throw out any kind of confidence that you have towards you.
I mean....wow.....i needed that lecture too.

Obviously, this country is too diverse. In social meanings.
Im afraid to get used to seeing it.
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So ive been trying desperately to introduce Japanese to the office*s PC, but somehow it doesnt work....I DLed some programs but the typed Japanese appears very strange...im sorry but you have to bare with my poor English here. HAHA too bad for you. If i have time next week, i will try going down to Saddal Street, where you can find many cheap hotels for tourists...im sure theres some internet cafes that the Japanese tourists use.

So yes, im adjusting to Kolkata right now.

Ive drunk Lassi that is sold on the street, although it was apparently made by unclear water...my stomach appears to be tougher than i thought. Im eating everything with my hand and drinking whatever is served but still nothing seems to happen...no stomach ache, no diarrhea...hum...
But im starting to miss the fresh veggies in Japan. Everything is boiled and cooked to the core here. The fruits are very tasty though....

Ive got lost riding a Riksha(Jinrikisya) , and was rescued by these very polite local people..Indian people are very helpful, most of the time.
I dont understand any Bengalise (the local language here) or Uldu (the local language of the working area) but still i chat with the people on the street....its fun...
people in India are very cute. They can seem rude sometimes, but its not like that, i think...sometimes i get tired of their glares but ive learned how to accept it. Its even getting comfortable because their glance is very honest, and their attitude is very honest to their mind. You have to be careful to protect yourself from any kind of person, but most of the time, you can just be yourself around them. Im starting to like the people here, despite many problems.

The trainee house is located far away from the crowdiness of KOLKATA, and the owners, Mr. and Ms. Chatterjee, are very nice...they are like my grandparents. Currently there is a boy from Germany interning for an Indian company, and hes also nice...we talk at the dinning room whenever the light goes off. Yes, the light goes off every day in Kolkata...serious power failures. This trainee house is not just for AIESEC, so some travellers come and go...if you feel like coming to Kolkata, i suggest this place as a good choice lol

Ive started working in my organization yesterday.
READS is located in the middle of the slum of Kolkata...i still havent figured out what to say about the slum; i have a very complex feeling toward the life here so i have to think before i write anything about this place. Someday soon ill try to make it in to words.
Right now, im learning about the projects and works of the organization and what the other internees have done in the past, looking around the schools READS is operating, meeting the children, etc....just getting a clear grasp of the organization's full body.
The way my boss works is a bit chaotic - you can say it is disorganized - but you know, this is a local NGO and things dont get on schedule so i have to really think of what im doing here and act on my own. Duh...i really have to learn Uldu-language.....

Ill write about READS on a different day, because today i just want to say that im doing fine in KOLKATA, and i miss you all....;X
I hope everyone is doing fine at school or at work!!! If theres something you want to know about Kolkata, tell me so! ANd of course let me hear about your strories on the commet space, if you have time.

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